Rethinking Viticulture

Wines crafted to embody vision and tradition

Our Langhe Nebbiolo, Barolo Treturne and Barolo Bussia are fruits of tradition, passion and devotion. Wines are made in the vineyards; it all starts with the respect for our land. We are fully organic, our commitment is to preserve the soil and be as green as possible with sustainable energies.

In early October, as soon as the temperature starts dropping, we harvest our vineyards by hand picking the grapes in small chests, that later we gently press. We start the vinification process in steel tanks then the wine is stocked in large oak casks until bottling. The deep care of the land and our farming style, and dedication, is the perfect recipe for a wine that immerses you in our world with every sip.

Vineyards of the Poderi Fogliati Nebbiolo wine.Bottle of the Poderi Fogliati Nebbiolo wine.

Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

Our Langhe Nebbiolo comes from one of our youngest vineyards located in Castiglione Falletto, in the Pugnane Cru area, famous for the delicacy and refinement of its wines.

Grapes are handpicked and collected in boxes to preserve them before the pressing; vinification is interpreted from year to year adapting to the characteristics of the individual vintage, adopting the submerged hat technique. The refinement involves the use of large Austrian oak barrels, where our Nebbiolo rests for about 6 months under careful care; bottling takes place on the first summer following the harvest.

The Pugnane soil, made up of sandy marls rich in limestone, make our Nebbiolo an aromatic and structured wine but at the same time subtle, delicate, and smooth. Hints of spices, violets, and red fruits.

Vineyards of the Poderi Fogliati Treturne wine.Bottle of the Poderi Fogliati Treturne wine.

Barolo Treturne DOCG

It is our most traditional expression of Barolo, obtained from the vineyards located on the border between Monforte and Castiglione Falletto, a blend of two outstanding Cru, the Bussia and the Pugnane.

A perfect South-West exposure, which allows these grapes to reach optimal ripeness, enriched by careful management of the land, with the outmost respect for nature and the environment.

All this is completed with harmonic vinification where the maceration varies from year to year, followed by aging in large Austrian oak barrels.

This is how a traditional wine is obtained, with a bright ruby color, hints of rose, tobacco, small red fruits, with a savory long finish.

Vineyards of the Poderi Fogliati Bussia wine.Bottle of the Poderi Fogliati Bussia wine.

Barolo Bussia DOCG

Old vines, with more than 80 years of history behind them, limited production, great attention to the soil; this is our philosophy to give an innovative interpretation of one of the most authentic and historic Barolo Cru, the Bussia.

The old vineyards, exposed at midday, organically grown, generate grapes of exceptional quality; this allows us to carry out the winemaking without adding adjuvants in a process aimed at achieving the highest quality.

Contact with the skins varies according to the vintage, then follows the passage in large oak woods with bottling at the end of aging. The result is an elegant wine, intense in color with soft and enveloping tannins, with great structure and aromatic concentration, notes of red fruits, spices and tobacco on the nose.

Wines crafted to embody vision and tradition...